College Placement Test (CPT)

The College Placement Test (CPT) by Accuplacer is used to determine students' level of proficiency in reading, writing, and math. Placement testing may be waived for students who have completed previous college-level English and math courses or for some recent high school graduates. Students must complete all required sections of the CPT no more than three years prior to the start of their desired terms, regardless of their desired course or program. The results are used by an academic advisor to place a student in appropriate courses. The scores are valid for a period of three years.

Students whose skills in these areas are not college level are placed in either foundation and/or English as a Second Language courses, as appropriate. The reading, writing, and mathematics tests are computerized and may be repeated upon recommendation from an academic advisor. There is a $10 retest fee. Students are allowed one retest. Permission for a third attempt may be granted under special circumstances. Students requesting a third or more test attempt must meet with the Assistant Dean of Student Success for a discussion about their options. Information about the content of the College Placement Test (CPT) and how to review before taking it can be found on the Testing Services webpage. Students may also call 978-630-9244 for this information. Students with a documented disability who need an accommodation should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at 978-630-9330 before scheduling a placement test.