Health Information Management (HIM)


Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be notified approximately 60 days after the deadline for application. The Health Information Management (HIM) program is a selective program that requires the completion of MAT 126 Topics In Mathematics and a 4 credit lab science. Interested candidates are encouraged to attend information sessions to insure that they have satisfied the admission requirements. Should the number of applicants exceed the available seats, candidates will be ranked objectively based on successful course completions.

Requirements for Consideration to HIM

Students who are currently enrolled in or successfully completed the following courses with a C+ Grade or better are encouraged to apply:

  • a 4 credit Lab Science (preferrably BIO 113 Life Science for Allied Health (formerly BIO 099) or BIO 199 Anatomy and Physiology I (formerly BIO203)) with a "C+" or better within the last 5 years
  • MAT 126 Topics In Mathematics

To apply to the HIM program, a selective admission procedure requires that applicants must submit the following to the admissions office:

  • Completed Health Information Management Program Admission Form
  • Satisfaction of High School Diploma or Equivalency requirement as described in the College's general admissions requirements.
  • Official college transcripts (if applicable). Transfer credits for education completed outside of the U.S. must be evaluated for equivalency. Acceptable credential evaluation agencies can be found at Documents must be received directly from the college or evaluating firm or may be hand delivered in an official sealed envelope. Transfer credits must be completed at an accredited college and official transcripts must be submitted. Photocopies will not be reviewed or accepted. Transcripts that
    have not been processed for transfer credits will not be used in the ranking process.
  • Complete College Placement Testing (CPT) by making an appointment online at or by calling 978-630-9244. Official Testing scores (Accuplacer) may be accepted from other colleges. Previous college coursework may be used in place of CPT to demonstrate English, reading and math requirements.

Special Program Requirements

Please note that the following information must be received before any HIM courses begin

Please note that the following information must be received before courses begin:

  1. Health examination conducted within the past two years by a licensed health care provider.
  2. Proof of current immunizations (DPT, MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B series with follow-up TITRE and TB screening) must be provided to the Health Office. Contact the health office, ext. 136 for more information.
  3. Liability Insurance of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 coverage is required. Students will be covered under the college’s liability insurance policy, which will be billed through student fees.
  4. (CPR) Certification (Professional Rescuer or Health Provider) is required. A course will be offered in the fall semester for those in need.
  5. All HIM students must participate in the Massachusetts Community College Health Insurance or provide accurate information regarding comparable coverage.
  6. Completion of CORI/SORI form as well as drug testing required by clinical agency.

CORI/SORI Policy (Criminal Offendors Records Information)

Criminal Offender Records Information (CORI) check procedure has been implemented for students whose services entails the potential for unsupervised contact with persons from vulnerable population (i.e., children, the elderly, the disabled). The Criminal History Systems Board has authorized MWCC to receive criminal record information regarding present or prospective employees working with the vulnerable populations, and for trainees/student who will need a CORI clearance to work in education work sites (i.e., day care centers, hospitals, and health care facilities, schools, etc.). Beginning September 1, 2002 individuals requiring CORI checks will also have Sexual Offender Records Information) consistent with current Commonwealth of Massachusetts law M.G.L.C. §§ 178C-178P. Record storage and usage will be in compliance with (M.G.L. C. 275 § 4). Depending upon the results of a CORI or SORI check, a person’s eligibility to participate in the HIM program may be affected.
Please note: Drug testing may be required by clinical agencies for all students.