Analytical Laboratory and Quality Systems (AQS)

AQS 110. Introduction Metrology. 4 Credits.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts used in STEM disciplines and manufacturing processes to ensure defined procedures are used to deliver results for materials of known and sufficient quality. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, MAT 096, RDG 098 or placement.

AQS 115. Quality Systems and Auditing Principles. 3 Credits.

This course provides an introduction to various industry (both manufacturing and service), international and U.S. regulatory quality system standards. This course will also provide instruction on the audit process and principles. Prerequisites: ENG 098, MAT 096 (or placement). ENG 101 is recommended. Fall.

AQS 200. Conducting Root Cause Investigations. 3 Credits.

This course will provide the student with problem solving skills by exploring the process of conducting an investigation. The quality system tools used to document and facilitate an understanding of the problem and potential solutions will be studied. Prerequisites: ENG 098 (or placement); MAT 162 (or higher). ENG 101 and AQS 110 are recommended.