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EGM 115. Sustainability and the Built Environment. 4 Credits.

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of sustainability. The core emphasis is on understanding natural systems and their interaction with the built environment. Also explored will be the role of financial, social ecological, ethical, philosophical, political, cultural and psychological issues on the decision making process of facility and energy managers, engineers, architects and project managers. Through lectures and interactive dialogue with sustainability industry experts, the course builds literacy in sustainability as related to the built environment in local, regional and global spheres. In addition, the course encourages students to think from a variety of perspectives and to learn of the benefits of a collaborative approach to sustainability management. Through a combination of selected case studies, group discussion and analysis, students will explore the environmental influence of buildings and discover the economic benefits of reduced operating costs and research increased comfort of the occupants. Students will also be exposed to the concept of life cycle costing and integrated approach to the challenges inherent with sustainable building design, operations and maintenance. Prerequisites: ENG098, FYE101, MAT092, RDG098 or placement.

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