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ELG 098. Advanced Grammar. 3 Credits.

This advanced grammar course is the final course in a four course series designed to prepare non-native and bilingual students to matriculate into college level courses. This course is intended for students who have mastered an intermediate level of English. The course offers a comprehensive review of structures such as perfect tenses, passive voice, compound and complex sentences including adjective, adverb and noun clauses. Students practice the verb tenses through integrated exercises. The course emphasizes advanced grammar concepts including form, function and the usage of future perfect tenses, noun clauses, modal perfects, conditional and unreal conditionals and subjunctives through extensive language practice. A grade of C or better is required to pass this course. Institutional credit only. Courses that earn institutional credit do not apply towards graduation. Prerequisites: ELG096 or high school diploma/GED and ESL placement.

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