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ELW 098. Advanced Writing. 3 Credits.

This is an advanced writing course designed to give intensive academic writing practice for non-native and bilingual students. Students will develop the skills to write unified and coherent paragraphs. In addition, students will develop skills to write cohesive essays with thesis statements, introductions and conclusions using a variety of rhetorical styles, conjunctions and transitions at both the sentence and paragraph levels. They will practice a variety of strategies – using specific details, vivid vocabulary, varied sentence structures, clear organization and concise wording – for making their writing more compelling. Throughout the semester, students will also develop the skills necessary for college-level courses such as note taking, paraphrasing and summarizing. Students will become familiar with word processing, e-tutoring, academic databases and Blackboard. A grade of C or better is required to pass this course. Institutional credit only. Courses that earn institutional credit do not apply towards graduation. Prerequisites: ELW096 or high school diploma/GED and ESL placement.

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