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ENG 205. Shakespeare. 3 Credits.

This course surveys plays from each of the periods of Shakespeare's work: history, comedy, tragedy, and romance. Readings include The First Part of King Henry the Fourth and The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth from the histories; A Midsummer Night's Dream from the comedies; Hamlet, Prince of Denmark from the tragedies, and The Tempest from the romances. The course emphasizes textual analysis with a focus on thematic issues raised by the plays. Prerequisite: ENG102. Spring.



...and Composition 3 3 ENG 101 College Writing...Politics 3 3 POL 205 American National Government...



...2,3,5 4 ENG 101 College Writing...2,3 4 BIO 205 Microbiology 2,3...

Criminal Justice


...Year 1 Fall Credits ENG 101 College Writing...3 PSY 240 , SOC 205 , or HIS 125...

Dental Education


...Electives: ART, ASL, DAN, ENG, FRE, HUM, MUS...or PLS 4 BIO 205 Microbiology , DHY 101...

Nursing Programs (NU, NUE, NUP, and PN)


...Physiology II , BIO 205 Microbiology (with grades of C+ or better), ENG 102 College Writing...