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ENG 214. American Literature II. 3 Credits.

This course surveys significant American writing from 1890 to the present covering the following: Realism, Modernism/Harlem Renaissance, Mid-20th Century, Post-Modernism/Multiculturalism/Contemporary. The course emphasizes textual analysis and the examination of the relationship of representative works to historical, social, and intellectual developments and will explore issues of diversity and the connection between literature and cultural contexts. Included are works by such authors as Twain, Chopin, Frost, Stevens, Moore, Hughes, O’Neill, Miller, Wilson, Ginsberg, Rich, LeGuin, Anzaldua. Written work totaling at least 12-15 pages will be assigned including essays with library research, reading responses, in-class essays, and rough drafts of formal essays. Prerequisite: ENG 102. Spring.