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ENG 235. Children's Literature. 3 Credits.

Students in this course consider a variety of children's literature not only as literary and artistic expressions but also as historical and social artifacts. The course emphasizes illustrated books (picture storybooks) but also includes selections of chapter and young adult works. Students analyze and assess the literary merit and visual artistry of books from various genres, from diverse authors and illustrators. Those genres include fantasy, traditional literature (fairy tales), poetry, realistic and historical fiction, biography, and other non-fiction works. Students also explore issues related to education, censorship, multiculturalism, diversity, and the changing views of childhood. Course concepts are acquired primarily through reading and writing, with some discussion and lecture. Throughout the semester, students will present a variety of polished prose and written assessment of selected works in a variety of forms, including a scholarly research paper using library sources. Written work totaling at least 12-15 pages will be assigned. Additionally, other written analysis, reading responses, in-class essays, and rough drafts of formal essays may be required. Prerequisite: ENG102 or permission of division dean.

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