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ENG 252. Shakespeare and Star Wars: A Study of Tragedy through Drama and Film. 3 Credits.

In this course, students will draw comparisons between the worlds of Shakespeare and Star Wars through an in-depth, critical analysis of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes and the journey of Anakin Skywalker as tragic hero. Students will read Julius Caesar, Othello, and Macbeth and also be required to read supplemental material including, but not limited to, script excerpts, biblical readings, and Elizabethan historical information. Finally, students will watch the second installment of the Star Wars trilogy, with a focus on The Revenge of the Sith. Questions of government and leadership, power and lust, jealousy and fatal attraction, friendship, religion, forbidden love, good vs. evil, stoicism, and temptation will be some of the topics discussed and expanded upon through various writing assignments, projects, and research. Prerequisite: ENG102 or permission of division dean.



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Physics or Pre-engineering


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Criminal Justice


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