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FRE 108. Beginning French II. 3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of the work started in FRE 107 French I. Students will improve their proficiency in the language through a variety of listening comprehension and listening activities. A variety of readings, grammar exercises and vocabulary will be covered to increase understanding of the French language and culture. The course will be conducted in French. Prerequisite: FRE 107 or permission of division dean.



...and Culture 4 6 FRE 107 French I and FRE 108 Beginning French II German...

Physics or Pre-engineering


...I 3 Spring CHE 108 General Chemistry II...The Short Story 3 FRE - Any French course...

Dental Education


...ART, ASL, DAN, ENG, FRE, HUM, MUS, PHL...107 Periodontology and DHY 108 Dental Hygiene Process...