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HIS 105. History Of World Civilization I. 3 Credits.

This course is an introductory survey of the major world civilizations from ancient times to 1600. The course profiles major events in the development of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas up to 1600. Special emphasis will be placed on the interrelationships among these civilizations and on the role of religion in their development. Prerequisites: ENG098, FYE101, RDG098, or placement. Fall.



...and HIS 202 History of United States II World History 3 3 HIS 105 History...

Health Insurance & Immunization Requirements


...compare the benefits of his/her current coverage...Students (as required by 105 CMR 220.600...

Criminal Justice


...1 3-4 PSY 105 Introduction To Psychology...240 , SOC 205 , or HIS 125 Abnormal Psychology...



...Electives: ANT, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, SOC...Career Electives Credits BUS 105 Business Ethics 3...

Complementary Health Care


...Electives: ANT, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, SOC...Health Care 3 PSY 105 Introduction To Psychology...

Dental Education


...taken concurrently. 5 DHY 105 Anatomic Science For...question the patient about his/her medical condition...