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HUM 283. Honors Colloquium: Environmental Ethics. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to examine contemporary issues and concerns in our global world encompassing local, state, national, and worldwide events. The readings, discussions, and assignments will encourage students to arrive at informed thoughts about contemporary public issues, an obligation imposed upon us all by citizenship in a democratic society. The course will sharpen reasoning, reading, writing, and speaking skills to aid student participation in public affairs throughout life. Through research efforts, instructor and student presentations, discussion groups, collaboration, and interaction, students will expand their knowledge of current events. Insight and analysis will be used to design, explore, and conduct research into the issues and concerns of today. Prerequisite: Permission of the Honors Program Coordinator. Spring.



...Honors students enroll in the colloquium course, HUM 283 Honors Colloquium: Environmental Ethics , after completing...