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MAS 240. Medical Assisting Seminar. 2 Credits.

This course is designed to help students integrate knowledge from across the medical assisting curriculum in preparation for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam. Students will integrate and apply both administrative and clinical knowledge, theory and understanding from their previous course work in the medical assisting program. The HESI application from Elsevier will be used for initial testing, individualized remediation for each student will be provided, and an exit exam will be conducted. They will be tested on their administrative, clinical and general medical knowledge. Areas that will be tested include: office and financial management, diagnostic and treatment services, pharmacology, and laboratory services, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and healthcare law and ethics. Study and test taking techniques will be reviewed and practice sessions for the exam will be available. Registration is restricted to students who are preparing to take the CMA exam. Prerequisites: MAS 130, MAS 206, MAS 207, MAS 208, and MAS 230 successfully completed with a grade of C+ or better. Spring.

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...fees.) Medical Assisting Degree (MAS) $125 for exam fee for MAS 240 Nursing Degree -- LPN...