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PER 130. Health, Fitness, And Wellness. 3 Credits.

This course is an introduction to healthy lifestyles and fitness. It is designed to acquaint students with a knowledge, understanding, and value of physical activity, nutrition and weight management, preventing diseases, and wellness management for optimal healthful living. Two and one half hours lecture and one and a quarter hour exercise lab. Includes fitness and wellness evaluations. Students cannot receive academic credit for both PER126 and PER130. Prerequisites: FYE101, MAT092, RDG098, or placement.

Allied Health


...costs $80, and a $130 host site fee...three week, 40 hours per week daytime commitment...



...Please click here for MassTransfer information 1 PER 130 Health, Fitness, And Wellness is recommended...

Medical Office


...Writing I 3 MAS 130 Medical Terminology and...to type 30 words per minute for three...

Personal Training


...201 Exercise Science And Nutrition 4 Spring PER 130 Health, Fitness, And Wellness 3 BIO...

Medical Coding


...HCPCS CPT 4 HIM 130 Diagnostic Coding 4...to type 30 words per minute for three...