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PHY 105. College Physics I. 4 Credits.

This course is designed to give students an appreciation of the progress that has been made in understanding the basic nature of the universe. Topics considered include vectors, statics, force and motion, kinematics in one and two dimensions, dynamics, work and energy, impulse and momentum, and conservation of energy. Lab work is correlated with class discussions. Prerequisites: ENG098, FYE101, MAT096, RDG098, or placement.

Cost of Attendance


...for equipment for PTA 105 and $40 exam...MET, MLT, MRT, MTC, PHY, PLB, PLT, PTA...



...3 4 PHY 105 College Physics I Physics 2: Algebra-Based 3 4 PHY 106...

Human Services


...EAS, EGM, NRD, or PHY Lab Science recommended...Of Self 3 PSY 105 Introduction To Psychology...



...EAS, EGM, NRD or PHY See the accounting...Career Electives Credits BUS 105 Business Ethics 3...