2017-18 Catalog

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PHY 120. Physics for Engineering and Science I. 4 Credits.

A calculus based course in the concepts and principles of mechanics, and fluids. This course is intended to serve students who plan to major in science or engineering at the four year college level. Laboratory work is correlated to the class presentation. Prerequisite: ENG101, MAT211 (or co-requisites).



...4 PHY 106 College Physics II Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 3 4 PHY 120...

Physics or Pre-engineering


...Science Elective 2 3 Year 2 Fall PHY 120 Physics for Engineering and Science I...

Automotive Technology


...EAS, EGM, NRD or PHY Campus This program...1 Fall Credits AUT 120 Performance And Diagnosis...

Computer Information Systems


...II ), PHY 120 Physics for Engineering and Science I is recommended (followed by PHY 121...