Change in Degree Requirements

In the event that a curriculum is changed between the time a student begins a program of study and the time the program is completed, the student may choose to satisfy either the graduation requirements in effect when the program was begun or those in effect when the program is completed. If more than five years have elapsed between the time when the program of study was begun and the time when it is due to be completed, changes in course content and program structure may be so substantive that credits earned at the beginning of the program of study cannot continue to be counted toward the satisfaction of graduation requirements. In such cases, the student’s option to apply for graduation under the original terms of the program of study may no longer apply. In certain cases, at the discretion of the program division dean, and final approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, a course normally required for graduation may be replaced by a substitute course. Likewise, certain programs have policies requiring completion of a course earlier than five years. Students with questions should consult the specific program department chair or division dean.