Change of Major

Changing a major is an important academic decision. A student who wants to change from one program of study to another must meet with an academic advisor to discuss their decision, to create a new educational plan and to complete a Change of Program Request Form. The Change of Program Request Form is only available by meeting with an academic advisor.  All program change forms require an academic advisor’s signature to be processed. Students should also note that program changes may have financial aid implications.

A change of program initiated in the current term will become effective for the start of the subsequent semester. Students may petition to have the change made effective during the current semester. Please note that a second program can be added during the current semester. Current students must apply for admission to selective programs through MWCC Admissions. Students wishing to change from non-matriculated to matriculated status must complete a new admissions application through MWCC Admissions. A student who has previously graduated and wishes to begin a new program of study within two semesters of the last date of attendance should meet with an academic advisor to declare a new major; otherwise, the student's status will be non-matriculated.