Class Attendance Policy/Extended Absence

Success in college is often related to class participation and attendance. Students are expected to attend ALL scheduled class meetings. If a student is unable to attend a class, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the instructor and, if allowed by the instructor, make up work that was missed as a result of his/her absence. Absence does not constitute an excuse for academic work due. Excessive absence is defined by each faculty member and included in the course syllabus. MWCC supports the individual attendance policy as stated on every course syllabus. In the case of emergency or illness that will cause a student to miss three or more consecutive sessions, the student should notify his or her specific instructors and should also notify the Dean of Students in the Student Services Office on the Gardner campus in room 141 or call 978-630-9855.

A student who stops attending (or fails to participate in the case of online courses), will be reported as a "stop out" as of his or her last date of attendance. "Stop outs" due to lack of attendance do not reduce charges. Faculty are asked to report students who have stopped attending class as "stop outs" in order to comply with Federal Financial Aid regulations. A "stop out" results in an F on the student's transcript.