Transfer of Credits and Placement for Students with an Earned Bachelor's Degree

Placement: Students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree as displayed and verified by the Records Office after receipt of an official transcript or by an advisor based on an unofficial transcript, may be placed in any college course that requires testing out of all developmental reading or writing courses.

Transfer of Credit: Students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree from a US regionally accredited school who do not have a course equivalent to ENG 101 College Writing I, but do have a course equivalent to ENG 102 College Writing II or a junior level writing course that is accepted as a course sub for ENG 102 College Writing II, will be given credit for ENG 101 College Writing I using any humanities course. If no humanities course exists, the credit for prior learning code will be used to give credit for ENG 101 College Writing I. Students who have no ENG 101 College Writing I or ENG 102 College Writing II equivalent will be reviewed by the Dean of Liberal Arts, Education, Humanities, and Communications.