Incomplete (I) Grades

An "I" grade (incomplete) is given at the discretion of the instructor and allows a student an additional 30 calendar days from the date of the final examination to complete all course requirements. A student receiving an "I" grade has a responsibility to consult his or her instructor; and the instructor has a reciprocal responsibility to present an opportunity for the student to complete course requirements. The instructor must complete an official Incomplete Grade Form and submit it to the Registrar.  The form should outline what assignments need to be completed by the deadline and also include contact information for the instructor for the 30-day period.  If at the end of the 30-day extension no passing grade is submitted to the MWCC Records Office by the instructor, the "I" grade will automatically be recorded on the student’s transcript as an F. Extenuating circumstances may extend this period of time at the discretion of the instructor, division dean, and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Students who receive an incomplete grade will be administratively withdrawn from classes in the next semester/cycle that require completion of the course as a prerequisite.