Academic Warning, Suspension, and Reinstatement

Students are required to maintain good academic standing. MWCC may suspend students who do not meet the standards listed below from the college.

Standards for Good Standing

Total Number of Attempted Credits Minimum Grade Point Average Required for Good Standing
9 credits or less No minimum
10-17 credits 1.5
18 credits or more 2.0

Criteria for Academic Standing

  1. Attempted credits include all courses for which the student registered, except those dropped during the add/drop period.
  2. Each repeated course counts toward attempted credits, although only the higher grade earned is used in the overall grade point average (GPA) calculation.
  3. The first semester that a student fails to meet the minimum overall GPA requirement, they will be placed on academic warning. Students will be informed of this status via email and instructed to move through the academic warning process (outlined below).
  4. A student who has been on warning for one semester and who fails to earn the minimum GPA as outlined in the above “Standards for Good Standing” chart the following semester will be suspended from the college. Students will be notified of their suspension via their MWCC email address.
  5. Suspended students are eligible to appeal the decision to the Academic Review Board (ARB) through the appeal process. Students will be informed via email of the decision of the ARB. When a student is allowed to continue their studies at MWCC, they shall be considered reinstated.
  6. Re-instated students are expected to meet with a member of the THRIVE team (or other special programs, if applicable) to create a formal academic plan.  Throughout the semester, students are responsible for upholding their plan in partnership with the THRIVE team or special programs advisor.
  7. Students on an academic plan that meet the requirements of their plan will return to good standing following the calculation of their overall GPA or continue as a re-instated student and establish another academic plan until they achieve good standing.
  8. Students who do not follow the requirements of their plan will be re-suspended from the college.
  9. Students on an academic plan who are re-suspended will be required to wait at least one semester before submitting an additional appeal to request reinstatement.  Students should contact a retention specialist when they are ready to return. Extenuating circumstances may be considered.

The Academic Warning Process

Students must attend an Academic Success Workshop and work with the THRIVE Team (or other special programs if applicable) throughout their warning semester to create a plan to regain good standing.  

The Academic Appeal Process

  • Students will be notified by MWCC email of their suspension.
  • The suspension email will include a link to the Appeal Form.
  • The Review Board will review the Appeal Form and the student’s entire academic record for a decision on returning to school.
  • If approved, students will register for classes and complete an Academic Plan with a member of the THRIVE team or other special programs if applicable.
  • If denied, students may have the option to appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, or may be asked to take a semester off from school.