Repeat Course Policy

Students may repeat a course one time. Permission to attempt a course for a second time must be approved by an Academic Advisor. Permission to attempt a course for a third time must be approved by the Division Dean. Students may be allowed to receive financial aid funding for one course repeat in order to improve upon a passing grade. Any additional attempts cannot be covered by financial aid. In repeating a course, the higher grade will be used in the calculation of the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA). A repeated course (along with the original attempt) must be counted as attempted credits in the calculation of the standards of satisfactory progress. The student’s transcript will record both grades with the annotation of repeat. Students may also retake courses at another accredited college. Students must receive a C- or better in order to transfer the credit (not grade points) back to MWCC. In this case, the MWCC grade will no longer be used in the GPA calculation.