Withdrawal from Courses

A student may formally withdraw from a course through the last day to withdraw as published in the academic calendar.  Students are required to speak to an advisor to withdraw from any course. A grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Please be advised that ceasing to attend a class will be reported to the Records Office by your instructor. This will result in a grade of "F" and may affect your current financial aid award. Course withdrawals will not be processed after the last day to withdraw, noted in the academic calendar for each term/cycle. "F" grades are averaged into the GPA for all students. Any withdrawal may affect progress toward degree and future eligibility for financial aid.

Administrative Action Forms are available for withdrawal after the 60% point of the semester/cycle as a result of extenuating circumstances. A student can obtain an Administrative Action Form from the MWCC Records Office. Documentation of the extenuating circumstances must be submitted with the form for this appeal to be reviewed.

Withdrawal from the College

Students who withdraw from the college are required to have a meeting with an academic advisor in person, over the phone, or via email.  Students who officially withdraw from the college prior to the last day to withdraw (as published in the academic calendar) will receive a grade of "W". Students who do not officially withdraw from the college are subject to the earned grade. Financial aid recipients withdrawing from the college may owe a refund of federal funds disbursed based upon the approved federal refund policy. Failure to attend/participate does not constitute an official college withdrawal. "F" grades are averaged into the GPA for all students.

Administrative Withdrawals

Administrative withdrawals may occur as a result of extenuating circumstances. Administrative withdrawals may also occur for students who fail to meet prerequisites prior to the start of the term/cycle and during the add/drop period noted on the academic calendar. Students who are administratively withdrawn from a course due to failing a prerequisite will not have the course or a grade on their official record.

Medical Withdrawals

A medical withdrawal is a withdrawal from all classes due to a severe, unforeseen medical condition, either physical or emotional. It is intended for use only in extraordinary circumstances in which unanticipated serious illness or injury prevents a student from continuing to attend or participate in classes. A student must complete and submit an Administrative Action Form and submit it to the Records Office. The College’s refund policy will apply to all medical withdrawals. There may be no refund for medical withdrawals after the refund period has expired. A student may request an exception to the refund policy by including this in the written request as part of the Administrative Action.  Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. An appeal should contain enough information and supporting documentation to inform the College of the reasons behind the medical withdrawal. Students who submit an appeal are granting permission for relevant college officials to review all information provided in support of the appeal. In cases involving pregnancy, a student should consult with the Title IX Coordinator to assure appropriate consideration of her case under the protections of Title IX.