Business (BUS)

BUS 104. Foundations of Banking. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on preparing employees to work in a branch bank or corporate headquarters of a bank, by teaching applied basics and working in a customer service role in a bank. Units include titles like "Banks and Their Customers", "Banks as Service Providers", "Deposit Accounts", "Lending", "Building Relationships", and "Personal Financial Planning". Prerequisites: ACC 101, ENG 101.

BUS 105. Business Ethics. 3 Credits.

This course is designed for the student with an interest in organizational and business ethics. The focus is on how we act as individuals and how we contribute to group accountability. The class will provide each student with a framework for thinking in an ethical manner. In addition, the class will explore every-day ethical thinking. Most topics will be explored using the case study method. Although designed for the business student, this class is open to all students with an interest in exploring everyday ethical behavior on an individual and group level. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, RDG 098, or placement.

BUS 112. Introduction To Customer Relations. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on practical information that will enable both the student and practicing customer service professional to enhance, hone, and refine their service skills. The course is designed to equip individuals with the strategic necessities to effectively interact with and deal with a multitude of customer-related service issues that are an integral part of the customer service job function. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, RDG 098, or placement. Fall.

BUS 125. Communication For Business And Industry. 3 Credits.

Students are introduced to concepts relating to communicating in a diverse workplace. Emphasis is placed on nonverbal communication, the writing process, and email. Students learn how to write memos and letters and communicate with customers, research and use information, develop and use graphic and visual aids. Students prepare reports and presentations; develop skills to communicate through the application and interview process. Course only offered during the summer. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, RDG 098, or placement. Summer.

BUS 201. International Business. 3 Credits.

Students will most likely work for a company that is either foreign owned, domestically owned but has some foreign operations, or domestically owned but is affected by the global economy. Thus, this class will prepare students to be successful and productive in their careers based upon an understanding of the basics of why companies conduct business across borders. Since even small businesses are becoming more active in the international business environment through activities such as buying and supplying components, students who are planning to start their own businesses should also be cognizant of international business. This class will also stress the importance of cultural literacy and will help students develop the type of cultural literacy that will enable them to be conversant within the global economy and international marketplaces. Offered online only. Prerequisite: ENG 101.

BUS 211. Business Law I. 3 Credits.

This course introduces and examines business transactions and issues with a major emphasis on contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code and historical foundation of the Common Law. Topics that will be examined in this course include; Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Tort Law, Consumer Protection, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Employment and Labor Law, Discrimination, immigration and the varied forms of business entities including, but not limited to, Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, LLC’s LLP’s and Partnerships. The focus of this course will be to provide a comprehensive examination of the laws regulating commercial activity and to help students acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct business legally and ethically in a dynamic world marketplace. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, RDG 098, or placement.

BUS 212. Business Law II. 3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of BUS 211 Business Law I and introduces the student to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a uniform set of legal principles that facilitates intrastate and interstate commercial transactions. Topics include the law of sales, leases, secured transactions, and other commercial legal topics. Particular emphasis is placed on the UCC modification of common-law contract law, with particular reference to the sale of goods and special rules governing transactions by merchants. Prerequisite: BUS 211.