Dance (DAN)

DAN 120. Musical Theater Dance Styles (formerly MUS120). 3 Credits.

This is a theatre dance workshop featuring various dance styles and choreography that are part of musical theatre history. The course will include basic training in ballet, tap, and jazz dance, as well as choreography and combinations from Broadway musicals. No previous dance experience is required. Prerequisite: none.

DAN 133. Hip Hop/Street Dance Foundation. 3 Credits.

This course will focus on foundations and origins of hip-hop and street dance. It is an introductory course, geared towards those with little or no jazz/hip hop dance experience, which breaks down the fundamentals of different styles of hip hop, including disco funk, locking, popping, grooving, vogueing, whacking and break dancing. In addition, it emphasizes cardiovascular condition, choreography, rhythm and musicality. Although designed to teach beginners it also challenges advanced students.