First Year Experience (FYE)

FYE 101. First Year Seminar. 3 Credits.

First Year Seminar teaches students how to learn. In this interactive college-level course, students will receive critical information to ease the challenging process of transitioning to college. The course covers three phases of study. First, students will develop mastery of a variety of topics critical to student success: time management, goal setting, learning styles, campus resources and policies, motivation, reading strategies, and test taking. Next, students will continue to develop their understanding of self as a college student, by honing their critical thinking skills in the context of course lessons on motivation, leadership, co-curricular involvement, and current events. Finally, students will have completed at least two graded writing assignments, read at least one college textbook and multiple supplemental readings on college success strategies, and will additionally complete an end-of-course evaluation (final portfolio, project, or exam) which demonstrates their understanding of course concepts. All students will have had the opportunity to access Blackboard for at least one course assignment. Prerequisites: RDG 096, ENG 096 or placement. Degree seeking students who test into either RDG 098 or ENG 098 are required to complete FYE 101 as a co-requisite or prerequisite.