Phlebotomy (PLB)

PLB 203. Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum. 4 Credits.

This course is intended for students pursuing a career in the field of phlebotomy. Students are provided with the required clinical instruction to be eligible to take a phlebotomy certification exam. Students are required to complete 120 hours (completed within a specific amount of time), 100 venipunctures, and 25 capillary (dermal) punctures. After successful completion of this clinical course, students will be eligible for employment in the field of phlebotomy. Clinical site to be assigned by the instructor. Space is limited. Criminal Offender Records Information/Sexual Offender Records Information (CORI/SORI) checks are necessary for enrolled students. Students must have proof of immunizations, a physical examination, and liability insurance. A $150 fee will be assessed. A C+ or higher in PLB 101 Introduction To Phlebotomy is required to participate in PLB 203 Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum. Prerequisite: PLB 101.