Speech (SPC)

SPC 112. Introduction to Public Speaking and Accent Reduction for English Language Learners. 3 Credits.

This class is for non-native speakers of English at the advanced level of Listening and Speaking who wish to develop practical public speaking skills. It is specifically designed to help build self-confidence and effective communication in both social and academic settings. The course focuses on the development of oral skills to prepare non-native speakers of English to present ideas by giving speeches and managing speech anxiety while interacting with audience members, leading group discussions, and improving through self and peer evaluation. Essential features of English stress, rhythm and intonation will be introduced and practiced to improve overall intelligibility. Students will also learn to use audio and visual aids to enhance presentation skills. A grade of C or better is required to pass this course. Prerequisites: ESL 083 or ESL 084 or permission of dean.

SPC 113. Speech (formerly THE113). 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to the basic skills of extemporaneous speaking through preparation and practice. Emphasis is placed on managing speech anxiety, audience analysis and adaptation, organization and outlining skills, research skills, critical thinking and argumentation, visual aids and technology, and effective delivery. Students deliver a minimum of 4 to 5 graded speech assignments. These may include but are not limited to introduction speeches, informative speeches, impromptu speeches, demonstration speeches and persuasive speeches. At least two of the speech assignments will require academic research. Prerequisite: ENG 101.