Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STM)

STM 101. Introduction to STEM careers. 3 Credits.

This course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a STEM major. Students will discern the various STEM fields and explore careers in the biological, chemical, computer, and environmental sciences, as well as engineering, mathematics, and physics. This will be achieved through guest speakers, industry tours and hands-on laboratory experiences. Students will be matched with faculty mentors and advisors to build the skills necessary to succeed in these fast-paced STEM disciplines. Summer.

STM 102. Seminar in the Sciences I. 1-2 Credit.

This course focuses on research into the body of peer reviewed work in various scientific fields. Meeting once a week, students will learn to read, discuss, present, and summarize scientific papers in a journal club format. At the end of the course students will be able to find peer reviewed scientific papers in a variety of fields, critically read scientific papers, and summarize scientific findings from peer reviewed sources. Students be able to ask a scientific question in a specific discipline on the boundaries of current knowledge, research the known status of the question in the field, and summarize the scientific view of the question relative to the body of knowledge in the field. Students will learn to use multiple research databases from the library to include EBSCO, Google Subscriber,, to complete this literature search. By completion of the course series students will find a research mentor in their field of interest. Prerequisites: MAT 096 or higher, or placement into MAT 162 or higher, ENG 098 or higher or placement into ENG 101.

STM 202. Seminar in the Sciences II. 1-2 Credit.

This course focuses on organizing and presenting scientific information. Student will learn to use technology and skills related to their field of research to analyze and summarize data (Excel, R, MatLab, etc.) Students will learn to create, tables, graphs and images that present accurately summarize scientific information. Students will be required to produce a scientific poster presentation or present a 15 minute slide presentation on a subject matter they have researched in detail. Meeting once a week, students will discuss, present and summarize scientific papers in a journal club format. Prerequisites: STM 102.