Policy on Student Expression

The College recognizes and supports the rights of students to engage in constitutionally protected expressive activities on campus, including speaking, non-verbal expression, distributing literature, displaying signage and circulating petitions.  Expressive activities may be conducted at any publicly accessible outdoor area on campus. Expressive activities may also be conducted in the lobby and common areas inside the main academic building. Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as limiting expressive activities at any other publicly accessible location on College property so long as the expressive activity or related student conduct does not disrupt College activities or functions or violate any other applicable College policies.  Disruptive activities, which are generally prohibited, may include obstructing building entrances or exits, walkways, sidewalks, vehicular or pedestrian traffic on or adjacent to campus, and/or interfering with the College’s academic mission, classes, meetings, events, ceremonies or with other essential processes of the College.  The College reserves the right to impose reasonable and content-neutral time, place and manner restrictions on expressive activities as constitutionally appropriate and to prohibit any expressive activities that seek to incite imminent violence or constitute harassment, threats, defamation or obscenities.  It shall not be inferred or implied that any expressive activity conducted in accordance with this policy is approved or endorsed by the College.

The College strongly encourages students who wish to engage in expressive activities in publicly accessible locations on campus to contact the Dean of Students in order to schedule the desired location in advance so as to minimize possible conflicts.  Priority for use of specific locations is given to students who register their activities with the College.  Use of any non-publicly accessible locations on campus by any student must be scheduled according to College policy.

When distributing literature on campus, it is strongly recommended that all such literature bear the name of the individual, club or organization distributing the materials.  The distribution of literature for the purpose of solicitation or commercial activity is strictly prohibited. 

In order to ensure that individuals and groups who are not affiliated with the College understand the College’s policies and procedures concerning expressive activities on campus, all unaffiliated individuals or groups must first contact the Dean of Students Office at 978-630-9855 at least 48 hours before engaging in any expressive activities on College property.

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