Documentation of High School Diploma or Equivalency

For proof of high school diploma or equivalency, the college will accept any of the following:

  • An official high school transcript is sent directly to the college from the high school.
  • An official high school equivalency assessment transcript is sent directly from the issuing agency.
  • Self-certification of completion of a high school degree, if the certification is provided after the high school graduation date.
  • Original high school diploma or original high school equivalency assessment certificate brought to the Admissions Office (photocopy retained).
  • For records that are unobtainable or destroyed, applicants may submit a letter from the school superintendent (on official letterhead and with a high school seal) indicating the date of graduation and/or completion of high school or home school education.
  • If a letter from a school superintendent is not available for missing or destroyed records, students may submit a signed statement explaining lack of availability to the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management or designee for consideration.
  • Those documents awarded from a country outside of the U.S. must be evaluated to U.S. standards through an acceptable credential evaluating agency, such as Spantran - MWCC Pathway (offers discounted services), Center for Educational Documentation (CED) or World Education Services (WES). A list of additional evaluation services is available at Applicants who are unable to obtain a copy of their high school diploma or transcript may document their high school completion status by obtaining a copy of a "secondary school leaving certificate" (or another similar document) through the appropriate central government agency (e.g., a Ministry of Education) of the country where the secondary education was completed.
  • The acceptability of a high school diploma is determined by an evaluation of the institution’s accreditation and curriculum. A high school diploma may be accepted if recognized by the state in which it was issued as offering a curriculum consistent with state law. Certificates of completion and diplomas representing non-academic curriculum will not be accepted.