Interdisciplinary Studies (ISC)

ISC 120. Community Service Learning Initiative. 3 Credits.

This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to better understand the needs/hardships of others outside of their everyday experience. It is geared to improve upon and build communicational, organizational, and interpersonal skills. This course will bridge civic engagement (responsible for planning activities within the community by volunteering 30 hours of time and inspiration) with service learning opportunities (community-based experience relating to course material) for the student by working with special population groups in the community (i.e., mentally, emotionally, or physically challenged). This course enables students of all majors the opportunity to experience serving in human service organizations fostering personal growth. Prerequisites: ENG 098, FYE 101, RDG 098, or placement.

ISC 220. The Interdisciplinary Capstone. 3 Credits.

The purpose of this course is to have students experience scholarship and research as an interdisciplinary, social enterprise. Students will explore and improve their critical thinking, analysis and argumentation skills. They will strive to become stronger independent thinkers and to investigate subjects of interest within their field of study. Students will integrate different disciplinary perspectives and knowledge gained through their prior coursework to explore global, national and local social issues. The course is inquiry based and draws upon the diverse skills and resources of students and faculty to create a student-driven, interdisciplinary course experience. Prerequisites: Enrollment in the IDS or IDSH program, ENG 102, one behavioral social science elective, completion of 45 credits, or permission of the dean. Spring.

ISC 225. Professional Internship. 1-9 Credit.

This course offers students an opportunity to enhance their academic studies with work related to their chosen field of study. It involves a partnership among MWCC, the student, and an employer. Participants may need to submit to a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check prior to placement. Prerequisites: Permission of the department chairperson and dean, GPA of 2.5 or better, and a minimum of 24 earned credits.