Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) is located in proximity of a reserves forces training area and two USAF bases. The college works closely with numerous veteran organizations that serve thousands of veterans in the region. MWCC provides service and support to over 200 Military Service Members, National Guard, Reservists, Veterans and their families.

As soon as priority registration opens for any semester, veterans can register for classes even if they are not returning students.

In 2010, the college established the Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (Veterans Success Center) to address the unique academic, financial, physical, and social needs of veterans transitioning to college. The center provides outreach, referrals, admissions and transfer assistance, veterans’ benefits and financial aid assistance, veteran orientation, supportive advising assistance with a veteran advisor, coordinated study groups, a faculty mentoring program, and a textbook loan program to assist veterans struggling with delayed veteran educational benefits.  In addition, the Veterans Center is working to educate all service providers at the college on the unique needs of its veteran student population. MWCC officially endorses the Department of Education’s “8 Keys to Veteran Success”. Mount Wachusett Community College complies with Section 702 policy (regarding in-state tuition) for public IHL's. Veteran students are given priority registration status and will be permitted to register as soon as enrollment opens.

As a result of these efforts, Mount Wachusett Community College has officially been named a Military Friendly College for several years in a row and placed in the top ten nationally among two-year Military Friendly schools.

The Center can be reached at 978-630-9408 or 978-630-9855.

To be eligible for veteran tuition waivers:

  • Student must be enrolled in an associate’s degree or certificate program.

  • Student must be taking credit courses.

  • Must have an honorable discharge from Military Service.

  • Provide a copy of your DD214.

    The Vietnam Veteran waiver and the Massachusetts National Guard Tuition and Fee Assistance Program will apply to state and non-state supported tuition. All appropriate fees must be paid.

Valor Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

Mount Wachusett Community College demonstrates its commitment to veterans seeking to pursue postsecondary through its policies, practices and services.  Consistent with the Massachusetts Valor Act signed into law on May 31, 2012, the college has established the following policies to support veteran students in their educational and professional endeavors:

MWCC will award academic credit for matriculated students for prior learning based on students’ previous military occupation, military training, coursework and experiences as these credits apply to their declared program of study.

MWCC will determine the award of academic credit during the admissions process through a preliminary review and a final conclusive and comprehensive credit evaluation upon the submission of official transcripts, official standardized test score reports and other relevant documentation prior to a student's enrollment. 
The required procedures for determining awarding credit for military occupation, experience, training and coursework shall be clearly described and published to provide transparency to prospective students.


Prospective or currently enrolled students seeking to receive college credit for prior learning based on past military occupation, training, experience or coursework should begin the process by the timely submission of official transcripts and documentation to the Records Office in advance of the start of classes. 

Once official documentation is received, the college will use the following methodologies to assess, evaluate and award academic credit for prior military-related experiences:

  • ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services

  • CLEP Examinations

  • DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

  • Credit for prior learning evaluation as described in the MWCC Prior Learning Policy

    Credits awarded by the college for prior learning based on military experiences will be recorded on the native MWCC academic transcript and applied towards degree or certificate requirements consistent with all other MWCC academic policies.  Credits transferred as part of the MassTransfer Block will be honored consistent with the terms of this agreement.

    When certifying a transferring or graduating student for purposes of MassTransfer, these credits shall be included in this review and submitted to the receiving institution for its use in facilitating the transfer process.

    Campus Contact

    The Director of Veterans Services (978-630-9408) shall serve as the initial point of contact for purposes of the Valor Act Credit Evaluation Policy.  The Veteran’s Services department can provide academic advising and counseling in advance to or during the student’s admission to the college.  The Records Office will complete the credit evaluation process once official documents are received and consistent with the process described herein.

    The Valor Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy is published on the college’s website as well as the college’s print publications including the College Catalog and Student Handbook and other Veteran Services publications.

    Amended:  February 10, 2017