Paramedic Technology (PAC)


The paramedic technology certificate program will be offered at the Gardner campus in an evening format with occasional Saturdays. 

This selective enrollment program requires additional application components. The selection process is competitive; applications will be considered until all seats are filled. (See Special Program Requirements for Paramedic Technology Certificate below.)

Requirements for Consideration to Paramedic Technology Certificate (PAC)

All applicants must have evidence of current Basic and/or Advanced EMT certification, a minimum of one year of work experience or 75 documented patient contacts as a certified Basic or Advanced EMT. See the Special Program Requirements for Paramedic Technology Certificate (below) and/or the Paramedic Technology Certificate application for complete details.

Helpful Hints:  Because of an extensive classroom/clinical commitment, students are encouraged to complete some of the general education requirements prior to beginning paramedic courses.  Technology is integrated into all aspects of attending college in the 21st century. Students are expected to have proficient computer skills and the ability to access the internet via desktop/laptop computer or tablet. Internet access may be from home or through a public site, such as a local public library, public college or at any Mount Wachusett Community College campus.

Special Program Requirements for Paramedic Technology Certificate (PAC)

Please note that the following information must be received before courses begin:

  • Health examination conducted within the past two years by a licensed healthcare provider.

  • Proof of current immunizations (Annual PPD or chest x/ray within 1 year, Measles, Mumps and Rubella: series of 2 or a positive antibody titre, Hepatitis B: series of 3 and a positive antibody titre for Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis (Tdap) within 10 years, Chicken Pox: 2 vaccines or a positive antibody titre, Influenza vaccine (in season), or if required by the clinical facility) must be provided to the health services office. Contact the health services office at 978-630-9136, for more information.

  • Liability insurance of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 coverage is required. Students will be covered under the college’s liability insurance policy, which will be billed through student fees.

  • CPR Certification (Healthcare Provider) is required. A certificate of completion must be presented to the program coordinator prior to entry into courses.

  • All paramedic technology students must participate in the Massachusetts Community College Health Insurance Plan or provide accurate information regarding comparable coverage.

  • As part of the coursework in the paramedic technology certificate program, students are required to complete practical hours in clinical facilities working with patients under the supervision of licensed providers. Clinical sites require that students obtain certain background checks (state/federal criminal or sexual offender) and/or drug testing before beginning their clinical work.  Costs for certain background checks and drug testing are the responsibility of the student. Refusing to participate in these background checks or drug testing will result in inability to progress in the program.  A positive background check or drug test may also result in the inability to progress in the program. The criminal background check may also be required for future employment and/or licensure and/or certification. The prospective student is encouraged to discuss any concerns with the program director prior to acceptance into the paramedic technology certificate (PAC) program. This information is given to you now to forewarn you of the potential additional cost and responsibilities. All screenings and background checks are completed AFTER admission/acceptance into the PAC program.


CORI/SORI Policy for Paramedic Technology Certificate (PAC)

(See the PAC application for more information)

Students will be required to complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check. It must be understood that a conviction in a court of law may prevent students from being placed in a clinical agency. This then will not allow successful completion of the PAC program. In addition, it will delay and may prohibit eligibility to take respective state’s paramedic licensure examination.

Please contact the MWCC Office of Admissions at 978-630-9110 or at for more information, to obtain an application, or to attend an information session for this program.